Dungeons & Drongos

Most of the time we here at 8-Bit take photos of cosplayers, play video games, and post stuff on Instagram about pop culture. Sometimes though, specifically on Friday nights, we get together with the people over at Fruitless Pursuits and play Dungeons & Dragons but with an Australian twist.

Dungeons & Drongos is a fantasy Australia where everything wants to kill you, which is unlucky for the trio of people who have recently been enrolled in a work for the dole scheme. Plank, Gadai, and Mercedes have found them selves as unwilling security guards on a mission to help save a mine under attack by magical forces.

We had a pretty good time playing, maybe you’ll have a good time listening. If that doesn’t sell it, then here’s a quote from my dad.

“I liked it, I listened to it on the way here” – Zach’s dad.

Dungeons & Drongos Episode 1: The Pie Mystery Part 1!