Where’s 8Bit?


I know it’s been a while.

First of all I was lazy, lets get that out the way first. Even though there has been a lot happening I probably still could have found the time to post some photos and do the things!… but alas I failed.

Over the past 6 months I have bought a new house, which is awesome and surprisingly a lot more chill then you would think. Sure there’s a lot of things I would like to do to it and maybe it’s beyond my reach, but try telling that to my new found homeownership ego! All of a sudden I have found myself thinking I am capable of tasks which I surely am not. Build a wall? Yeah, I can probably do it! Soundproof a window? Not that hard! renovate a shed into a granny flat/studio? I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!…… that’s basically the mentality that come with buying a house. I can’t explain it but you have been warned.

But we are settled now and I have some time. So in the immortal words of Varrick, from Legend of Korra, let’s DO THE THING!




Author: 8 Bit and Over

Writer, photographer, maker of things.

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